• Fight Against Hunger Day in Poway

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  • Fight Against Hunger Day in Poway In the News!

    The Poway City Council designated November 17, 2013 as Fight Against Hunger Day in Poway. That same day, the Poway High School Fight Against Hunger Club packed 101,000 meals for the hungry under the leadership of club President Bonnie McHeffey. Always Positive Ambassador and Poway High Senior, Wyatt Gray presented the Friends and Family Community Connection with a $5,000 check as well as collected more than 250 pledges leading up to the event and at the event itself. As a sponsor Always Positive provided 45,000 meals. What a great team effort!

  • Poway City Councilman Jim Cunningham joins in to pack food!

    On behalf of the Poway High School Fight Against Hunger Club thank you Poway City Councilman Jim Cunningham for joining us yesterday to pack food for the Philippines and the awesome city proclamation naming November 17, 2013 as Fight Against Hunger Day in Poway. As a community we packed 101,000 meals and under the leadership of Always Positive student Ambassador Wyatt Gray more than 250 people took the Always Positive pledge committing to make a difference in the lives they touch. You will recognized them by the green Poway is Always Positive wristband.

  • Ex-Charger John Carney selected as parade grand marshal

    Ex-Charger John Carney selected as parade grand marshal

    Plans for the Poway Days Parade, now in its 48th year, are moving forward in a positive way with the selection of the grand marshal and honorary grand marshal. The parade will be held this year Saturday, Sept. 8.

    This year’s theme is “Always Positive in Poway,” and reflects the Poway Community Association’s partnership with the Always Positive foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that seeks “to inspire people to be positive and motivate them to do something positive,” according to Bob Rusch, co-founder of Always Positive. The parade will be followed by a food-packing event, organized by Rusch and Always Positive.
    In reflecting the theme and partnership, this year’s grand marshal is former Charger John Carney, co-founder of Always Positive and one of San Diego’s favorite athletes. Carney played with the Chargers for 11 seasons, from 1990 – 2000, and is the team’s all-time leading scorer, with 2,062 points. He was named to the Chargers 50th Anniversary Team in 2009.
    Always Positive isn’t Carney’s first experience with charity, as he served with “Kick Start for Kids” for 10 years, raising over $1 million so children with physical deformities can have plastic surgery. When he signed with the New Orleans Saints, he brought “Kick Start for Kids” with him, and held a holiday shoe-shopping event for underprivileged youngsters called “John Carney’s Holiday Kicks for Kids,” and also teamed up with Catholic Charities for a Superdome sock drive benefiting the homeless.
    The parade’s honorary grand marshal is Phil Harris, the founder and director of Family and Friends Community Connection. Harris has spent the last two decades serving the community with his organization, F&FCC, which has mobilized faith and community organizations to work together to provide free services and support programs for disadvantaged children, youth, adults, seniors and families in San Diego County.

    “He’s like a real-life angel,” said Alexis Belway of the Poway Community Association.
    The parade is also still looking for entries and sponsorships. “I want to invite community businesses, nonprofits, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, anyone and everyone to participate,” said Belway. The PCA has made it easy to sign up to participate this year, by putting the forms on their website. The PCA is also still looking for sponsors, which has the added bonus this year of providing meals to be packed at the post-parade food-packing event.
    The food-packing event is a new aspect to the parade this year, and is being held directly after the parade ends, at 11 a.m. A location has not been firmly settled as of yet. “Our cause this year is to give back to the community,” said Belway.
    Always Positive hopes to pack between 200,000 and 250,000 meals between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the event. These meals will be distributed to food banks and in times of disaster, with one-third going to San Diego food banks, and two-thirds being sent nationally and overseas.
    Additionally, Poway Youth Soccer has taken on the task of selling Always Positive wristbands, to raise money to buy meals for packing. The wristbands are $10, which will buy 20 meals. Part of the proceeds will go toward meals, and another will benefit the Poway Youth Soccer’s scholarships, which they distribute yearly to allow kids who can’t afford to play soccer. Poway Youth Soccer will also be holding their own food-packing event Sunday, Sept. 30 at Poway High School.

    For more information and entry forms for the Poway Days Parade, visit powayca.org.

    For more information on Always Positive and parade sponsorship, visit www.alwayspositive.org/events or contact bob@alwayspositive.org.

    For more information on how to buy a wristband, contact powayyouthsoccer@yahoo.com.


  • NCYS and Always Positive Join Forces to Spread the Message Making a Positive Difference in Life, Community and Sport

    A Positive Attitude Lifestyle Movement is Happening, Are You In?

    STUART, FL. (July 22, 2011) – The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is pleased to announce it has endorsed the Always Positive (AP) movement teaming up to create positive environments in youth sports and healthy lifestyles for stronger neighbors and communities.

    “Win, lose or draw, whether in athletic competition or in life, a positive attitude is critical to succeed,” said NCYS Executive Director Sally Johnson. “Attitudes are contagious and an Always Positive banner is a movement the National Council of Youth Sports is proud to rally around for the benefit of the athlete, the team, the family, the community and the world.”

    NCYS will assist AP in creating a global movement for people and organizations to come together with the courage to cause positive change, the character to live with integrity, and the commitment to make a positive difference.

    Bob Rusch, President of Always Positive said, “We are excited to partner with NCYS because as a relationship-based organization we believe the best way to create cultural change is to partner in recruiting, educating and mobilizing individuals and organizations to share the Always Positive philosophy with their sphere of influence.”

    Rusch continued, “We are frequently asked is it really possible to be ‘Always Positive’? Truthfully – it’s hard — real hard, but if you allow your circumstances to dictate your attitude it’s almost impossible. We believe you can Choose Your Attitude and that choice is the most powerful decision you can make each and every day. A positive attitude will ultimately produce gratitude, and grateful people are happier, healthier, live longer and experience more peace in their lives than negative people — despite their circumstances. Adopting positive thinking and optimism will help one achieve their goals easier, their success faster plus add energy, inner power and strength into one’s life.”

    Joining the Always Positive movement is a simple 3 step process: pledging to choose a positive attitude, spreading the message, and making a positive difference. By taking the Always Positive pledge individuals and organizations join other ambassadors from around the world who are dedicated to creating positive cultural change by choosing a positive attitude and living the lifestyle in their family, work, school and community.

    The Always Positive pledge states, “I believe in the power of a positive attitude and possess the courage to cause positive change. I will exhibit humility when I triumph and strong character when I fail. I will begin every day with a sense of gratitude for my gifts and the desire to use them to their fullest. I will end every day with the satisfaction that I gave it my all. When I fall short, I will respond with integrity and determination to improve. I will strive to inspire others to adopt a positive attitude as I commit my talents and influence to have a positive impact on the world I touch. I am Always Positive.”


    The Always Positive Foundation was founded in 2001 as a 501c3 public charity to change attitudes, transform lives and restore hope by inspiring people and organizations to choose a positive attitude, teach the benefits of developing strong character and providing opportunities to make a positive difference. Its vision is to unite, ignite and brand a worldwide positive attitude lifestyle movement.

    The Always Positive mission is to recruit, educate, and mobilize people and organizations to live the Always Positive lifestyle and cause positive cultural change through youth advocacy, character education, mentoring, volunteerism and global initiatives that improve the quality of life for future generations by providing economic development, humanitarian aid, educational curriculum and sports, recreation, health and fitness programs. Always positive is a social movement inspiring people and organizations to be positive and spread a positive message through one’s attitude, actions and words. For more information, visit www.AlwaysPositive.org

    Be sure to join Always Positive on Facebook and Twitter to culminate, collaborate and to spread the message by sharing stories and reading about the Positive changes happening around the world. Get involved today and be a part of something bigger than yourself! | Facebook.com/AlwaysPositive | twitter.com/#!/AlwaysPositive


    The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is the go-to organization for services and resources in youth sports. Founded in 1979, the NCYS leads the amateur youth sports industry in promoting and enhancing the value of participation through advocacy and education. Its membership comprises the who’s who in the amateur youth sports industry representing more than 185 organizations serving 60-million registered participants.

    NCYS’ goal is to preserve the integrity of organized youth sports while strengthening the performance of youth sports administrators. The NCYS reach is broad and deep into the grassroots of America’s heartland with a passion to create a better, more wholesome society in America. NCYS is well-known for advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and communities. NCYS is committed to enhancing the youth sports experience in America. To learn more about the NCYS, visit www.ncys.org

    Bob Rusch
    (858) 674-4000

    National Council of Youth Sports
    Sally S. Johnson, Executive Director
    (772) 781-1452

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  • Always Positive is proud to be endorsed by National Council of Youth Sports

    The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) comprises the who’s who in the youth sports industry. Founded in 1979, the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) membership represents more than 185 organizations/corporations serving more than 60,000,000 registered participants / 44,000,000 actual boys and girls participating in organized youth sports programs. NCYS is the largest known organization in America representing the amateur youth sports industry. For more information…

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    The Positive Force started in 1995 when San Diego Chargers’ place kicker, John Carney, co-founded Always Positive began to assemble a group of professional athletes with strong moral character who embraced their responsibility as role models to promote the Always Positive message. Continue Reading

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