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The Problem
Today we are experiencing problems of historic proportions impacting our country’s youth. The evening news is not considered good unless it’s bad, laced with headlines of drugs, bullying, school shootings, violence, child predators, scandal, natural disasters and an increased number of displaced and homeless people. At the same time, an age of assumed personal entitlement has brought selfishness, disrespect and laziness to the surface of our society and there is a pervasive negative wind that nothing of sole benefit to country, culture or community is worth personal sacrifice.

The Solution
Birthed as a direct response to the negativity in society, Always Positive offers a choice to be positive and encourages people to embrace core values such as Character and Integrity. We believe you can Choose Your Attitude and that choice is the most powerful decision you can make each and every day. A positive attitude will ultimately produce gratitude, and grateful people are statistically happier, healthier, live longer and experience more peace in their lives than negative people — despite their circumstances. And attitudes are contagious!

  • * Do you have the Courage to cause positive change?
  • * Do you have the Character to live with integrity?
  • * Do you have the Commitment to make a positive difference?
  • Be the change and get started by Taking the Pledge today!